Entry & Eligibility

Please read through each of the category definitions carefully to ensure that your entry is submitted in the most appropriate section.
Your entry will be judged specifically on the creativity of your submission and judges will consider how well the medium was used. E.g., a campaign entered into Best TV advert will be judged on its specific use of television as a medium, regardless of the product/service advertised.

The PANI Awards website (www.paniawards.com) will go live to receive entries from Monday 1st August with the closing date for entry submissions being midnight on Sunday 11th September.
This provides a clear six-week period to upload award submissions. We would STRONGLY encourage agencies to stagger their award submission uploads and NOT submit these all on the very last day.
Judging will then commence from week beginning 12th September 2022 and continue over a 6-week period.
The competition is open to all PANI members who are involved in advertising and communication.
If you wish to enter and you are not a member, and the work involved meets the entry criteria you can do so by paying the non-member rate. This applies to agencies in the South of Ireland or in the UK. The campaign/award entry MUST have been produced for a Northern Ireland client or audience and will be accepted on the basis that they were designed as such.
All entries submitted must be designed for implementation and must have been implemented for the first time between 1st January 2017 until 31st July 2022.
All entry forms must be completed online and full payment for each category will be automatically requested before entrants are given access to the next stage of the website (i.e. to upload their entry information). This is done via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do this but will require a debit or credit card. VAT receipts can be supplied if requested.
An entry will not be considered as complete until ALL supporting materials have been uploaded and the upload process closed out by the entrant. Each entrant will then receive an email (for each category and each entry submitted), confirming that it has been received and upload completed.
All uploads of creative materials must take place before the closing date of midnight on Sunday 11th September 2022.
It will not be possible to enter any further information after this time.
If entries have been partially completed at this stage, they will be taken as they are and judged on that basis only.


The written section to accompany the relevant category must not exceed the number of words specified on the entry form.
Work entered into previous PANI Awards will not be eligible.
Entries must have been made within the context of a normal client paying contract with a client. That client must have paid for all or the majority of media costs by the date of submission.

All entries submitted must be done so with the full knowledge of the trademark /copyright owner of the product / brand / service advertised and it is each agency’s responsibility to ensure they have permission from their client to submit the campaign for judging.

Only one party for each medium may submit an advertisement. If one or more agencies have worked on the same campaign but in different mediums, they must agree between themselves which agency is entering, in the case of two or more submissions being received, the first agency to submit will have the choice if they would like to submit the whole campaign as the entrant.

Entries must not be branded by the company/agency.

There will be two award entry fees:

Early bird entry – this will be before midnight on the 1st September priced at £75 + VAT for members, £100 + VAT for non-members.

Standard entry – this will cover any entries after midnight on 1st September to final closing at midnight on 11th September priced at £100 + VAT per entry for members, £125 + VAT for non-members.

PANI are most grateful to all of this year’s category sponsors and associate sponsors for their continued support, without you PANI wouldn’t be able to deliver these Awards.